The NJSCSW is a volunteer organization and the accomplishments of NJSCSW are achieved by our Board of Directors. The board is always looking for new ideas and member involvement. We welcome anyone interested in joining us to help further our achievements in the areas of: legislation, education, and membership growth. We appreciate any assistance with the newsletter, advertising and marketing. The board meets monthly. Please login to the Members Only section to access upcoming board meeting dates. 

NJSCSW Board Of Directors

Janice Victor, LCSW, PsyA

Recording Secretary
Janet R Faust, PhD, LCSW

Continuing Education Chair
Lynne Clements, LCSW

Robin M. Bottino, LCSW

Director of Legislative Affairs
Luba Shagawat, LCSW

Membership Chair
Robin M. Bottino, LCSW

Director of Marketing and Social Media
Kaitlin Vanderhoff, LCSW

Newsletter Editor

Jonathan A. Stone, LCSW

Student Representative

Member at Large

Administrative Assistant
Jan Markham

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